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Why Power Wash?

House Washing and Paint Preparation:

  • Strip paint that is not sound
  • Find rotten wood in need of replacement
  • Clean surfaces to prevent poorly adhering paint- ensure long-lasting paint job
  • Not only improve appearance but protect as well
    (many people do not realize that algae and mildew can cause damage similar to that of wood-destroying insects such as termites)
  • Through annual cleaning, improve paint life and remove mildew and spores that can cause allergies and destroy many different surfaces
  • Annual pressure washing can also combat the growth of Artillery fungus from destroying your home
Roof Lichen Roof Algae Roof Moss Roof and Gutter Washing:
  • Remove black mildew and roof fungus from shingles, to beautify your home and reduce summer cooling costs
  • Removal of Algae, Moss & Lichen that also Damage the Roof & Shortens Roof Life.
  • Clean leaves and branches from gutters which can stop up downspouts and cause fascia board rot
  • Prevent cuts on your hands caused by hand-cleaning (some gutters have sharp metal edges inside)
  • Let the professionals do it; Pressure Washing a roof and cleaning gutters can be dangerous. A roof when wet becomes very slick, especially on a roof with a high pitch. When you are moving a ladder, on a ladder or a roof you should be very careful and comfortable- we perform exterior cleaing from ladders continuously, so we are always paying attention to best practices from heights. Let Shield Team Power Washing Services handle your roof wash so you can avoid the hazards of high ladders and slick roofs.
The Cause of Roof Stains

Algae, moss & lichen spores are carried by wind, birds, squirrels, etc. If your roof is currently clean, it likely won’t stay that way if other houses in the area are already stained.

Years ago, stains on asphalt shingled roofs were not a significant problem. Today it is a big problem because the design of asphalt shingles has changed over time. For the last 30 years or so, asphalt shingles have been manufactured using limestone as the base filler. Unfortunately, limestone is a favorite food of this strain of algae. Due to a lack of food, algae used to starve to death when it landed on your roof - now it thrives on your roof.

There are other types of stains and growths found on roofs. Green roof stains are often caused by mold and mildew. Lichen & moss are common growths found on roofs in some parts of the country. Roof-Be-Clean â also removes and prevents stains and growths caused by all these organisms.

Algae, Moss & Lichen also Damage the Roof & Shortens Roof Life

It is bad enough that algae causes ugly roof stains, unfortunately it also damages the roof The algae takes root on the shingles dislodging the granules which protect & color the roof. It holds water to the roof's surface and can cause decay & rot of the roof's underlayment. Not only is your roof being discolored by the algae, but it is shortening the life of the roof leading to an early roof replacement. Moss and lichen do the same - however the damage normally occurs much faster.

Walkway and Driveway Cleaning:
  • Eliminate a grungy appearance caused by dirt and mildew
  • Clean up unsightly oil and grease spots
  • Keep grease and grime from being tracked onto the carpets in your home and your vehicles
  • Remove dried paint and tar spots
  • (you may be amazed at how easily very hot high-pressure water can do this !)
Stone and Brick Restoration:
  • Remove stains from efflorescence* , hard water, or years of neglect
  • Remove unsightly mold and mildew and bring back the beauty of natural stones (note: mildew remover will not hurt plants and animals)
  • Detect loose or unstable mortar joints in need of replacement * soluble salts brought to the surface of brick or concrete through water evaporation
Wood Restoration (decks and fences):
  • Replace dull gray weathered look with a fresh-cut color
  • Remove dirt which holds water against the wood and accelerates its deterioration

What Happens if you don't maintain your deck?

Why maintain your deck? Rain, morning dew, and even melting snow are quickly absorbed by the unprotected wood, causing it to swell and soften. The sun's heat causes drying, this makes the wood shrink. These cycles of wet and dry, swelling and shrinking, cause wood to warp, split and crack. Consequently, this results in a
shorter life span and always requires expensive repair or replacement. This is why we recommend sealing your deck once it has been power washed. All wooden items such as fences, gazebos, and playground equipment also benefit from power washing and treatment. Additionally, there are benefits in power washing your home's brick or siding.


Decks, wooden steps, brick steps, sidewalks, patios, balconies and driveways often become dangerous due to the growth of mold, algae, moss, fungus and grease. These hazards can become more dangerous when wet. Pressure wash these areas yearly to walk with confidence!

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